Let customers have both quality, economy and efficiency, shorten the timeliness of parts development, and improve the competitiveness of customers' enterprises. Soon Full company sincerely welcomes you to contact us!

Soon Full Co., Ltd. has over 10-year valuable experience in providing precision machining service. Our core business is to provide “Precision machining” service to global clients.

Our commonly used processing materials, such as: Stainless steel 304, 316... etc., Aluminum extrusion 6063, 6061... etc., Aluminum die-casting A380, ADC12, A383... etc., Steel, Graphite cast iron... etc., are applicable to a wide range of industries. There are also cooperating manufacturers to serve the needs of various surface treatments, such as: sandblasting, painting, baking varnish, anodizing, hard poplar treatment, electrodeposition, electroplating, etc. Different treatment methods.

Soon Full has more than 20 advanced CNC lathes and milling machine manufacturing, and uses CMM (3D detector), 2.5D image measuring instrument, height gauge, roughness tester, thread gauge, plug gauge, bore gauge, Deviator, electronic vernier caliper and other precision measuring instruments, etc., conduct online spot check and batch inspection of workpieces. Our engineering team can also provide reverse engineering services, and can also provide material certificates and dimension reports to customers as further confirmation of workpiece quality according to customer requirements.

Soon Full’s maximum processing size is:

Milling machine maximum processing size: L 1000mm x W 600mm x H 500mm

Lathe maximum processing size range: Dia. 250mm x H 300mm

Soon Full has always been oriented to provide customers with the best service, and also provides one-stop service: to make customers' procurement work more comprehensive than before: starting from the original design provided by customers, discussion of processing technology, assembly design, Engineering consulting, fast delivery, after-sales support...etc. We always pay attention to how to "minimize cost and maximize profit" for customers, and create a win-win situation for both parties with the most competitive price and the best processing quality.

In order to achieve quality and process control, in this ever-changing era, the only thing that remains the same is our original intention of focusing on lathes and milling machines and our own quality requirements, in order to expect ourselves to be a supplier of customized professional precision machining parts, to Meet every need of different industries. We are constantly absorbing new knowledge and introducing new machines, because we know that only constant innovation and change is the unchanging truth.

Welcome ODM, OEM and traders to inquire, and look forward to win-win cooperation.